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Never miss a turn with the Pathfinder Combat Pad initiative tracker, now optimized for use with Pathfinder Second Edition! Usable with any roleplaying game, this wet and dry erase board includes magnets that stick right to it! List the names of heroes and foes on the magnets using a wet or dry erase marker, then place them in initiative order. When the order changes, simply slide the magnets to their new places. Take the uncertainty out of battle with the Pathfinder Combat Pad!


  • 1 Double-sided magnetic wet and dry erase board
  • 2 Sheets of magnets, each with:
    • 13 Blue player character magnets
    • 13 Red enemy magnets
    • 9 Green nonplayer character magnets
    • 2 Round arrows
    • 2 Turn arrows
    • 2 Next round magnets

*** Please disregard the availability information below. This item will be available August 1, 2019.***

Product Availability

Preorder, expected approximately 8 Jul 2019

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Grand Lodge

Artwork and the style of the pad looks cool!

I wish the notes were on the right side though, easier for right-handed people.

oooh! The writing portion is on the left, :D Left handed friendly!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Double-sided might mean there is always a side that is friendly ;-)

Which is a great idea BTW

Dark Archive

The notes section is way smaller than before, but i really like the layout.
The rounds being at the top is great idea and i also like that the magnets are now on the right side.

Grand Lodge

The Raven Black wrote:

Double-sided might mean there is always a side that is friendly ;-)

Which is a great idea BTW

Oooh, both sides have the same art?

That's great indeed!

Paizo Employee Designer

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to note the cover is a placeholder image! What's shown there is a classic pad from way back when. The new one is redesigned. :)

Grand Lodge

I imagine that a 2e combat pad faces some additional design challenges: at high-level play, the bottom half of a Pathfinder Combat Pad (initiatives from 0 to 15) will be unused. And there will need to be more space at the top for initiatives in excess of 45...

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